Еврокомиссия ужесточает правила оборота биткоинов


The European Commission has proposed to extend the set of rules for control over the circulation of virtual currencies and prepaid cards (prepaid cards) to strengthen measures to combat money laundering; and the financing of terrorism.

In addition, the decision of the Executive body of the EU also aimed to strengthen oversight of the Bank accounts and the transparency of owners of trust funds throughout the European Union. The EC proposed to reduce the maximum amount of funds to prepaid cards, from 250 to 150 euros ($167). It is known that the organizers of the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015 active use of such cards.

According to the proposals of the European Commission, virtual currency platforms like bitcoin will be in accordance with the rules on combating laundering of funds. The platform will be required to identify users and control of committed transactions just like banks do.


As stated by the Vice-President of the Commission Frans Timmermans, the proposals would help law enforcement find people who try to hide information about their finances to support terrorist activities. According to Timmermans, the EU will be able to exchange the necessary information on who really owns companies or funds using an Internet currency, and also uses prepaid cards.

In the future, all member States of the EU will be required to establish special centers where information is stored about the owners of accounts and movement of funds. In the event of suspicious actions of local authorities will be able to get all available information about the transactions.

The Commission also made proposals to limit the loopholes used for tax evasion. Under the new rules the tax authorities will have access to national information on the fight against money laundering, which includes data about real owners of companies and funds. All the proposals of the European Commission will soon have to be approved by the EU government.

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